CITEX Viewpoint丨Controversial Ordinals, is it a spoiler or a reshaper?

Recently, the explosion of Ordinals NFT has once again pushed the Bitcoin ecosystem into the spotlight. The number of Ordinals inscription transactions has surged, and the number of new Ordinals inscriptions has repeatedly hit a record high. As of May 2, the total number of Ordinals inscriptions has exceeded 3 million. Affected by the surge in Ordinals transactions, the transaction […]

Will HASH be the most potential BRC-20 token after ORDI ?

HASH (BRC-20) is one of the most potential BRC20 tokens in the Bitcoin network. Wang Feng, the founder of the well-known NFT trading platform element (, tweeted to publicly support HASH ( ), and personally participated in becoming a member of the Hash DAO organization. Therefore, HASH is very likely to become the platform currency of the Bitcoin Ordinals section of […]

Buy goerli eth(GETH), come here ! Use , just 0.5$ fee!

We know that many developers and airdrop hunters are lacking Goerli ETH, and relying on unstable faucets, they can only receive 0.02 Goerli ETH one day, which is far from enough for deploying contracts. Today, we recommend a project called @FaucetDao, which allows buying and selling of Goerli ETH on their decentralized platform.Their platform is very user-friendly. You only need […]