CITEX Viewpoint丨Mining, the best way to invest in a bear market

The currency circle has always pursued the investment creed of “speculating coins in a bull market and mining in a bear market”. During the bull market period, the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates frequently and in a large range, so there are more arbitrage opportunities, and short-term speculators also have higher profit opportunities; while in the bear market period, the price […]

ID LABS signed a contract with Country Garden Golden Bay

ID LABS signed a contract with Country Garden Country Garden Golden Bay to jointly develop green ecological real estate and create a digital community. This cooperation will inject new vitality into the real estate market, create a WEB3.0 digital community, and will also promote the application and development of blockchain technology in the real estate field. Space ID is a […]

Free People Dao announced that it will launch its second ecosystem in the near future

Recently, Free People Dao officially announced that it will launch its second ecosystem, which is committed to creating a more open, transparent, secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem, and providing a new generation of digital asset trading methods for the blockchain industry. The second ecology of Free People Dao will become a comprehensive support center for global digital asset transactions and […]

L2FINANCE Layer2 The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit ended successfully

On May 15th, the “Layer2-The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit” hosted by L2FINANCE ended successfully in Thailand. This event invites developers and investors from many countries and regions to participate in an in-depth discussion on Layer2 trends, Arbitrum attributes, infrastructure, basic applications, L1/L2 ecology, games and social networking, as well as cutting-edge exploration, for all Web3 consensus Bring a […]

CITEX丨BRC-20 is hot, miners’ income continues to rise

The hype boom of Ordinals NFT and BRC-20 has made Bitcoin miners earn a lot of profits, and many netizens have ridiculed the miners’ mouths to laugh crookedly. In fact, the income of Bitcoin miners mainly comes from two aspects, namely the block reward and transaction fees for each block. At present, the bitcoin reward generated by each block is […]

“Successful Hosting of the CITEX Bangkok DAO Crypto Party”

“With the Thai government providing more positive policies for the development of the crypto industry and Web3.0, Thailand has become one of the most promising regions for Web3.0 development, attracting more practitioners and enthusiasts in the crypto industry from around the world to gather in Bangkok.”   Hosted by CITEX Exchange and organized by Meta Media, and co-hosted by UnionPay, […]

Hermes, dydx, and Uniswap: An In-Depth Analysis of Competitive Advantages in Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) form a crucial part of the innovation brought by blockchain technology, providing a trustless, intermediary-free trading environment. Within this increasingly crowded market, Hermes, dydx, and Uniswap each have unique advantages.   Uniswap, one of the earliest Automatic Market Makers (AMM) DEXs, pioneered decentralized trading with its simplicity and openness. It enables anyone to create new trading pairs, […]

CITEX Exchange will host the “Bangkok DAO WEB3” Crypto Party

CITEX Exchange as hoster will host the “Bangkok DAO WEB3” Crypto Party with Meta Media, co-organizers Taikul, Noah’s Ark, and UnionPay, in Bangkok, Thailand, at 19:00 on May 13. The purpose of this party is to provide a better resource docking bridge for blockchain enthusiasts, provide a better entrepreneurial environment and resources for cryptocurrency and WEB3 entrepreneurs, and put forward […]

C Network (CITEX) 丨 Which directions under the upsurge of Ordinals and BRC-20 can enhance the scalability of Bitcoin?

Recently, BRC-20 tokens have skyrocketed in turn. In a short period of time, dozens of meme coins have been born, and the ten-fold increase has plunged the market into a carnival of wealth creation myths. In addition, the Ordinals market is not inferior, and the total number of inscriptions has exceeded 3 million. Obviously, Ordinals and BRC-20 have become an […]