Hands-on participation in the ZERONE sign-up airdrop registration

ZERONE is currently a decentralized derivatives hybrid contract trading protocol deployed on the BSC network and was created by Bruce-Lou in June 2021. the core team of ZERONE consists of software engineers from well-known cryptocurrency companies such as OEI OKX. The platform is expected to go live in April 2023.


ZERONE currently supports spot trading and perpetual contract trading with up to 100x bars, and the orders supported by ZERONE include market orders, limit orders, and trigger orders (take profit/stop orders).

The core mechanism of ZERONE is hybrid contract trading, and the value of ZERONE is its ability to meet the trading needs of the market with 18,000 pairs of contracts. LP liquidity is composed of a multi-asset, multi-LP pool that exists as a counterparty to traders and provides liquidity for all trades on the platform.


In order to give back to the early builders of the community, you can register through the invitation link for airdrop registration, open inside your own TP wallet / or other wallets, click on the authorization [confirm], enter the page, click on the bottom right [account] then you can see, “accept airdrop registration” click [registration], to verify, display The first thing you need to do is copy the wallet address, scan the code and enter the QQ group, send the wallet address in the group, which will successfully participate in the welfare airdrop.

After you have finished registering for the airdrop benefits and submitting your wallet address in the QQ group, the official will send the airdrop benefits to your registered wallets within 7 days after the review.

You can also click [Generate Invitation Link] to invite registration for rewards.


After participating in the airdrop benefits, please follow the official Twitter ZeroneOfficial_, you will be the first to know the stage of airdrop benefits and the time of airdrop to your account, then you can check the airdrop registration bonus and invitation bonus in the wallet address you registered with.

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